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Giardino60 24" Modular Pizza Oven Kit

Giardino60 24" Modular Pizza Oven Kit
Style #: FSGiardino60 24" Modular Pizza Oven Kit
Giardino60 24" Modular Pizza Oven Kit

The Forno Bravo Giardino Series makes it easy to install an authentic, small custom pizza oven—for the first time. Fabricated using the industry’s highest quality refractory and insulating materials, the Giardino ovens offer the perfect balance between size/weight and cooking capacity. These wonderful ovens can be assembled in minutes, while still allowing a homeowner, builder or DIY-er to build a fully custom enclosure. All at a price a lot lower than you would think.

Like the popular Forno Bravo Primavera ovens, the Giardino Series offer the industry’s fastest heat-up times (20 minutes) and excellent heat retention—for perfect pizza making, hearth bread baking, roasting and grilling.

The ovens are available in two sizes: 24” and 28” rounds, both with a 5” oven landing. Each Giardino oven kit provides everything you need to assemble a world-class pizza oven, including the oven dome, vent and floor, mortar, board and blanket insulation, the oven door, a thermometer, and terracotta chimney. Building a wood oven has never been so easy.

The Giardino Series is based on three core technologies not found in other residential wood oven:

• The oven dome is produced using a 38% alumina (81% alumina and silica) refractory material cast in a two-sided, vibrated form—a higher quality process than other residential pizza ovens.

• The oven floor is made using large 12”x12” commercial-grade (2,700psi compressed and 2650ºF kiln-fired) floor tiles—superior to any other residential oven.

• Each Giardino kit provides everything you need to install your oven, including high-tech ceramic oven dome and floor insulation, and a terracotta chimney—you provide the blocks, concrete and stucco.

The Giardino Series features a monoblock dome and vent design making assembly incredibly simple. With zero seams, the Giardino ovens offer excellent heat retention and cooking performance, and much better durability than other small residential ovens. The Giardino ovens also provide a steel door and thermometer—essential for baking and roasting.

For applications that require a longer chimney, the Giardino ovens can be fitted with an adapter for either 6" UL103 double wall chimney system, or 6 " single wall stainless steel chimney pipe.

The Giardino ovens can be easily installed either on a site-built concrete block stand, or a Forno Bravo Cucina Modular Oven Stand. Each Giardino oven includes everything you need to assemble the oven, including the dome and cooking floor, a small amount of high temp mortar (to seal the dome to the hearth), steel door, dial thermometer, terracotta chimney with a rain cap, 3” of dome insulation, and 2” of floor insulation.

The Giardino Pizza Oven Family

OvenCooking SurfaceArea
(sq. in.)
Heat Up
Pizzas (10")
Giardino60 24" x 29" 527 20 1
Giardino70 28" x 33" 690 25 2

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