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VCSO210SS Combi-Steam/Convect™ Oven

VCSO210SS Combi-Steam/Convect™ Oven
Style #: FSVCSO210SS Combi-Steam/Convect™ Oven
The Viking Combi-Steam/Convect™ Oven provides consumers with Versatile, Healthy and Convenient cooking options like never before.

Key Features

  • *4 ovens in 1 - A unique combination of the healthiest ways to cook, all in one oven.
  • *Steam function - Extremely healthy method of cooking which reduces fat and salt while preserving nutrients.
  • *Steam Convection function - Combination of steam and convection browns foods while retaining moisture and flavor.
  • *Convection function - Works as a second oven providing excellent baking results.
  • *Microwave function - Provides the speed and convenience of conventional microwave.
  • *Cookbook provides healthy recipes, cooking tips, and nutritional information to encourage healthier cooking and eating.
  • *LCD display and automatic settings assure excellent results.
  • *Select the best cooking method using the 43 automatic settings.
  • *Cook a wide variety of foods without compromising taste.
  • *6 balanced meal settings are cooked in 25 minutes or less.


Additional Features and Functions

  • *Instant sensor settings for cooking, reheating foods, and popping popcorn.
  • *Add-A-Minute adds one minute of extra cooking time with the touch of a button.
  • *Child safety feature locks the control panel to prevent unwanted operation.
  • *Flexible placement.
  • *Install as built-in unit using the optional trim kit accessory.
  • *Place on the countertop.


  • *Available in Stainless Steel (SS).

Warranty Highlights

  • *Three year full covers complete product - Industry Exclusive!
  • *Ninety-day full - cosmetic parts such as glass, painted items, and decorative items.
  • *Lifetime limited - Stainless steel exterior.
  • *Five year limited - magnetron tube.
  • *Warranty valid on Viking products shipped within the United States and Canada.


Please note: Viking major appliances are only available to deliver in Southern California.


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